What difference can one AGENCY make?
A good way to find out would involve
imagining the world without that AGENCY.(1)
Would you(2) notice any difference?
Imagine client after client(3)
without a logo or effective identity.
Imagine a whole product line
devoid of packaging.(4)
No heady aroma of new print.(5)
No dotcom, no dot co dot uk.(6)
No clink(7) of change.
No chink(8) of cutlery.
No pop(9) of cork.
Think of the flipchart(10) unflipped.
The experience(11) unexperienced.
Each tale(12) untold.
Each endline unwritten.(13)
Each inner world(14) unexplored.
No drama gracefully averted.(15)
No good deed(16) quietly done.
No patter(17) of tiny feet…
…or watching a new life grow.(18)
Think of the audience(19) untouched,
the life unchanged.
The drum(20) unpounded.
The dice(21) unrolled.
The dream(22) unfulfilled.
Imagine a world made only of coffee…(23)
…where people never venture
off dry land…(24)
…and only drink alcohol,(25)
alcohol or alcohol.
No overnight fame.(26)
No perfect match-making.(27)
The real world(28) a much duller place.
The yawning virtual(29) void.
Imagine the people(30) who would never
have worked here.
The annoyingly young(31)
and talented people.
The not-too-much-milk(32) people.
The non-human(33) people.
The writing, clicking, drawing,
thinking people.(34)
The clip-round-the-ear,
not-like-that-in-my-day(35) people.
The attractive relative.(36)
The 9,456 people(37) dropping
in every month.
No fragrant woodland(38) retreat.
No lovely corner(39) of Liverpool revived.
No *^£^!@*? with the traffic w*****.(40)
No plant watered.(41)
No imagination fed.(42)
No argument over every detail.(43)
No crumpled paper thrown(44)
on the floor.
Imagine each toe untapped.(45)
Each mat undoodled(46) on.
Each idea(47) unnicked.
No proof carefully exanimed.(48)
No carnival(49) of creativity.
The pain au chocolat(50)
The pizza(51) unordered.
No elegant office party.(52)
No mounting(53) the podium.
Calculate the value(54) never added.
Contemplate each chance(55) never taken.
The new height(56) never reached.
The hard road(57) never travelled.
Each clever(58) choice never made.
Each not-that-clever(59)
choice never made.
Each opinion(60) we would never
have aired.
Edition(61) zero of zero.
No polite rejection(62) call.
No growing(63) airmile tally.
No funny, informative
and highly entertaining Twitter(64) account.
Not one like.(65)
Not one meme.(66)
No creatively filtered(67) photo.
No new word(68) coined.
No trend(69) predicted.
No dodgy outfit.(70)
A chill wind howling through Apple HQ.(71)
No extra mile(72) covered.
No head(73) growing larger.
No hair(74) growing thinner.
No technique for thinking(75)
No maze navigated, or puzzle deciphered.(76)
Imagine the lovely volume you
are now reading were to
evaporate into thin air.
True, we are only
one creative AGENCY.
Yet one creative AGENCY can make
the world a different place.
Oh, and did you notice?
We wrote all the text you’ve read here
without one important letter, handy
for denoting the plural.
And without another letter, which would
normally complete that well-known
track ‘Let it be ’.
We have great faith in the creative
power of limitation.
Every project can appear
difficult initially.
Each parameter may appear narrow.
Yet we find motivation in limitation.
It can lead to a different place,
a lateral idea, or an unexpected approach.
We continue to welcome(78)
each new challenge.
In fact, we find it hard to imagine
life without them.
The world without SB

A new publication from our design studio.


Thank you. Will be with you shortly.